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Dinah Hammond

Dinah Hammond - Second Secretary

For the past 5 years,Dinah Hammond has worked with Synergy Capital Managers, fund managers of Synergy Private Equity Fund (SPEF), advising companies seeking expansion capital on both operating and financial issues, focusing on strategy development, business planning and funding. Prior to Synergy, she worked with Databank as a Retail Service Person.

Her primary role at FOCUS is to deal with all correspondence to the Alumni, promote Coventry University and basically play the role of a Public Relations Officer.

She holds an MBA in Finance from the Coventry University and a BSc in Banking & Finance from the Central University in addition to the Ghana Stock Exchange certification.

She’s adventurous (except with food), down-to-earth and sociable. Hobbies? Definitely travelling the world – experience and exposure is everything.

Favorite Quote: “Life is too short to do things only once. So if you like it, do it again, and enjoy it as much as you did the first time” – Unknown