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Gunadiish Gilbert Mensah Nyavie

Vice President and Treasurer

Gunadiish Gilbert Mensah Nyavie, popularly known as TopGun, is an enviable CU Excellence award winning Lecturer of Logistics, Procurement & Supply Chain Management; during the 2015/2016 edition of the CU Excellence awards, in the best lecturer category from Central University. Gunadiish is a training specialist with established experience in developing logistics and supply chain strategies towards making an organization more effective in achieving its business goals, with a consistent and proven track record of successfully deploying best business practices that improve efficiency, reduce operational costs whilst increasing performance. Gunadiish’s Logistics, Procurement & Supply Chain skills were chiefly honed during his MSc SCM program at Coventry University and 3-years of lecturing at the Miotso and the Mataheko campuses of the Central University Business School.

Gunadiish holds a total of 15 years of both foreign and local job experience in management level positions and about 8 years total in Computer systems applications in companies such as Village Volunteers-USA, Ghana Homeopathy Project-UK, BGMSL-Ghana, Cell Construction-Ghana, Global Brigades Inc-USA.

He is an open-minded, philosophical, fun-loving individual who likes to take life one day at a time. He is purposeful, determined and passionate. He loves to engage himself in volunteering activities especially in projects that serve the good of the society. Before his volunteer work in Seattle, USA, he had done many other volunteer works that equipped him with critical project management skills.

He loves adventures and travels. Between 2006 and 2007, he sponsored his own trip across Africa, authenticating NGOs and other institutions that applied to Village Volunteers, Seattle, for aid to make sure they existed and are engaged in useful charity work. This trip and many others like this equipped him with experiential knowledge across the continent.

Gunadiish is also highly instrumental in the formation of Friends of Coventry University in Ghana (FOCUS Ghana Chapter) as well playing a key role in boosting the activities of the group. He was a key organizer of the Official launch of the Focus Ghana Chapter, after drafting the constitution of the group. He doubles as the Vice President and Treasurer of the group.