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Richard Koramoah Owusu

Project Lead

Richard is a self-motivated leader with over a decade of experience in customer/people relationship management with a strong background in selling, sales management, sales leadership and projects execution.

Richard (popularly called KK) is a football addict, a blue- blooded Chelsea fan, a utility player on the field of play and Aseda’s Dad with over a decade of “bonding” to his sweetheart, Eunice.

 He is an  astute sales leader and a management consultant who has acquired knowledge and experience from  dealing with the Public Institutions, SMEs, large Corporates and their channel partners;  he has the skill of fostering very good relations with C-level leadership and other influencers within Multinationals and  Local Enterprises.

He is a  result- oriented person with effective people-management skills and is ready to use these experience, skill and knowledge acquired to make positive contribution towards the achievement of an organisation’s goals/projects and objectives.

He loves to work in a busy environment and enjoy building the team with the passion for winning;

He is part of the Founders of FOCUS Ghana Chapter (Coventry University, UK Alumni) and is currently the Project Lead.

Richard loves to make friends and is available for mentoring and coaching …. Doors are wide opened… all you need to do is to link up J